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Become a Friend

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We are proud that CCF’s Friends scheme has been successfully running for over 13 years.  Since 2004, the Friends of the CCF has been making a real difference to Cornish communities at grassroots level, where very often only a few hundred pounds can help transform a good idea into a successful project that benefits the local community.  We have seen positive outcomes time and time again, reinforcing our Charity’s aim of strengthening communities within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

A little history…

CCF’s first chair Lady Mary Holborow and fellow Trustees launched the Friends’ scheme in 2004.  By the end of the year 60 Friends had signed-up, pledging a yearly amount by standing order.  Since then the Friends’ scheme has been gaining momentum and currently we have more than 300 Friends who really do care about helping Cornwall’s local communities.  Our aim is to increase our membership to 500, which we predict can be reached within the next few years.


What does it mean to be a Friend of CCF?



The Friends’ Grant Award

The Friends’ Fund annual award has granted close to £60,000 to local community groups in the last 13 years.  Grants were awarded to local community groups whose members were living in crisis and needed help.  CAB’s, Street Pastors, Foodbanks, Live-at-Home Schemes, Foyers and Refuges have all benefited from a Friends’ grant award, directly helping individuals in need.

How you can help

We’d like all our Friends to help spread the word and to tell their own friends that they belong to a local scheme that helps to improve the quality of life for those suffering poverty, disability or isolation. 

Please tell your own friends about CCF!

Thank you for helping to make a real difference in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.