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Cosgarne Hall - Wellbeing and Prevention Grant

9 October 2014

Cosgarne Hall - Wellbeing and Prevention Grant


The Wellbeing and Prevention grant awarded £1,000 to Cosgarne Hall to provide 15 residents with the opportunity to go on an activity days. Cosgarne Hall Ltd is a registered charity who provides support in St Austell for the most vulnerable homeless people. They have three properties across the town which house up to 48 people with varying degrees of support. They offer one to one support with aspects of resident’s lives including benefits, Addaction appointments, budgeting, applications for housing, and also co-ordinate a range of volunteer-led activities. A key aim of Cosgarne Hall is to ensure that people living in Cornwall have access to all services that can support people with complex needs in an appropriate environment.


The activities for the residents at Cosgarne Hall boost the participants’ well-being, self-esteem and confidence, there is a proven link between addressing addiction through extreme sports. Highly accessible team-building with educational aspects are also available for those who are not ready to take part in the less conventional activities. This is often the first step to a person’s wellbeing becoming important to them again after a period of self-neglect through homelessness. As people become more independent they find that they need less and less intervention from NHS services, Addaction and Cosgarne support staff as they find other ways of addressing their issues.


Jules Torr, Support Worker from Chapter 1 said "It is clear from working with a similar client group to Cosgarne that people with complex needs face huge barriers to activities because of their low income, mental health and addiction issues. I think it is really beneficial for participant’s self-esteem, motivation and general well-being if they can access such fun, educational and unconventional activities outside Cosgarne”.