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Cosgarne Hall

1 April 2017

Cosgarne Hall

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Cosgarne Hall in St Austell houses and supports 70 vulnerable and socially excluded homeless people who have multiple and complex needs, encouraging them to work through issues that may have led them to the streets.  There is no government funding for anything outside of their accommodation or one-to-one support and so Cosgarne Hall relies on grant-making trusts to help improve quality of life for the residents through a Tenancy Sustainment Programme which includes training, education, therapeutic counselling, excursions, art and volunteering.  Their aim is to alleviate homelessness and expose people to the skills they need to live more independently.  Their move-on properties give people the opportunity to move forwards at a pace which is right for them.

The CCF has supported Cosgarne Hall since 2013 from a variety of grant-making trusts. The first grant enabled them to begin to provide activities for their residents through funding the salary costs for a Volunteer and Activity Coordinator which was joint-funded with 12 other funders.  Since then, the Coordinator has been able to apply for further funding from the CCF to pay for various activities and equipment that play a vital role in people’s recovery from homelessness.  For example, an award from the Tuppeny Fund allowed the Hall to purchase fishing rods and engage community volunteers in taking residents out fishing in small groups. 


Kate Heath from Cosgarne Hall said: “Access to education and training off-site can be difficult for the people we house.  We have used some of the funding to run bespoke IT courses on-site at Cosgarne which help people become confident in searching for rented accommodation, apply for volunteering and employment and other essentials that are now all internet-based.  This is a clear step towards people becoming more independent.  With further funding from The Big Lottery we have extended our education and training offer, another example of how important the support of Cornwall Community Foundation is for us.“

“We are a fairly small charity with a local interest in St Austell and have grown since 2013 from housing 42 homeless people to now housing 70 and Cornwall Community Foundation have helped to make this growth possible.  We are most grateful for the support we have received from Cornwall Community Foundation and look forwards to future projects with them.”