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Roaming CIC – Emily Bolitho Trust Fund

28 May 2015

Roaming CIC – Emily Bolitho Trust Fund


Roaming CIC was awarded £4,999.50 in March 2015 towards funding of the ‘Roaming Penzance’ group.

Roaming CIC is a practice-led, not-for-profit arts company. The Roaming Penzance group brings people together one day a week through creative activities and to share meals together. The project mostly benefits single men and women, aged 18 - 65 who find themselves disadvantaged, excluded, vulnerable or homeless.

Roaming Penzance provides a safe social space where everyone is regarded as equal and all have the opportunity to relax and be themselves without being under pressure to answer questions or prove themselves in any way. People coming to Roaming Penzance are encouraged to work at their own pace and in their own way. The aim of the group is to provide a regular space where people are able to express their creativity and interact with others in an attitude of mutual respect and, as a result, to rebuild their self-confidence.

These words were written by a group member in August 2013:

“Having unfortunately spent 3 months living on the street and only very recently now living in accommodation it is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity for mentioning the warm reception I received every Thursday within the group. The stress and I must say hardship I experienced whilst homeless was regularly broken up, giving me a days respite on those Thursdays. Laura would and still does if the need arises greet me with a cup of coffee or tea from her limited resources - then a few hours spent in a very relaxed atmosphere would be spent painting or water colouring or simply reading the National Geographic magazines.”