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Shallal Dance Theatre

2 March 2016

Shallal Dance Theatre

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The CCF's Wellbeing and Prevention Programme awarded Shallal £818 towards alternate weekly dance sessions for 35 people with mental and physical disabilities. Shallal was founded in 2005, the main focus of the charity is to provide inclusive activities in the creative and expressive arts such as dance, theatre, visual arts, film and music. Shallal is the only dance theatre company in Cornwall providing inclusive opportunities on a regular basis. These sessions are attended by up to 80 people each week, a number that has grown steadily over time.

The sessions were held at The Park View Centre, Helston, and led by an experienced trained Shallal facilitator, and supported by a volunteer with dance and theatre training.   The group met for about 2 hours and engaged in natural movement, dance and drama.

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Many attendees have little or no verbal communication, so their reactions can only be judged through experienced observation. One of the support workers, who attended the workshops with a man in his fifties said "I have been with him to many activities and have never seen him do that movement, in fact I didn't believe he could." 

Participants look forward to and enjoy the music and movement sessions. Less able residents enjoy the sensory nature of the activities, and everyone gets the chance to meet people and interact in new ways.