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Charitable Trust Transfers

UKCF trust transfers.jpg

The Cornwall Community Foundation offers a range of services specifically tailored to meet the needs of Charitable Trusts. We can revitalise ineffective funds through trust transfers and setting up effective new named funds managed by the CCF.

There are various reasons why trusts may become ineffective over time, such as:


If your trust fund has become moribund (dormant) and ineffective (consistently being unable to spend annual income), or if you’re looking to transferring your active trust fund, then the original donors’ philanthropic beliefs can be delivered through your local community foundation.

The CCF is affiliated to UK Community Foundations (UKCF) and is quality accredited to standards endorsed by the Charity Commission. The Charity Commission has acknowledged the work of Community Foundations in revitalising moribund (dormant) or ineffective trusts – see the Charity Commission statement

Over £800,000 of Trust assets have already been transferred to the CCF and used to establish “Named Funds” within the Foundation’s endowment, which are then professionally managed in line with each Trust’s original objectives. Grants are made from income that the named fund generates in perpetuity and in accordance with established criteria and parameters set by the transferring trust.

If a charitable trust decides it is the right time to consider other options there are a range of benefits in involving Cornwall Community Foundation that include:


For more information about our trust transfer work or to explore other ways we could support your trust please contact Tamas Haydu Development Director at tamas.haydu@cornwallfoundation.com or on 01566 779333.