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China Clay Area Community Fund


The Fund supports projects in the China Clay area including St Austell, Fowey, St Enoder, St Dennis, St Stephens, St Mewan, Luxulyan, Lanlivery, St Blazey, Tywardreath and Treverbyn.

Preference will be given to community groups operating in the Clay area that:

Examples of eligible projects could include bands, choirs, scouts, guides and activities such as rotary youth leadership and Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Awards range from £250 - £1,000

Case Studies

Funding Dates

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St Dennis Band

The China Clay Area Community Fund invested £1,000 towards a new cornet enabling the band to add to their assets. The last cornets purchased were around 15 years ago and were in need of repair and replacement and most importantly the principle cornet player’s instrument. The China Clay Fund supported St Dennis Band to make this happen as without the appropriate equipment the beneficiaries would be unable to progress, and therefore not fulfilling their potential.

The Conductor commented “I am very pleased that the band has been able to buy such a good quality instrument”.

The Solo Cornet Player commented “A new cornet will enhance the sound of the cornet section”.

The Vice President commented “I really enjoy listening to the band and looking forward to hearing the cornet being played in a solo”.


Improvements to ClayTAWC's Reception Area

ClayTAWC provides a much needed base for a number of social enterprises that directly brings benefit to people from across the Clay villages including CRCC, Link into Learning and many more. The CCF have supported ClayTAWC a numerous of times and in particular the China Clay Area Community Fund has supported them on two separate occasions. Firstly they wanted to make better use of their reception area and the China Clay Fund supported their objective by awarding them funds to purchase stacking chairs for their reception area and training rooms. Diane Mlynek commented “85 to 100 people a week use the centre, and the new chairs have improved their comfort and it is hoped will encourage more people to come and use the centre”.

Their most recent award from the China Clay Fund was to support the continuation costs of producing the monthly newsletter for St Dennis. ClayTAWC applied on behalf of St Dennis New Group. Whilst they consider alternative ways of raising funds to enable the magazine to be more self-sufficient the funds were crucial in filling the gap to ensure the 500 copies produced monthly continues. For more information about ClayTAWC's services please view their website claytawc.co.uk.


Music time for Indian Queens Pantomime Society

Indian Queens Pantomime Society badly needed a new portable keyboard for the Pantomime and various other show productions. The existing keyboard was very old with broken bits and was unsuitable for rehearsals and shows. The sound quality was poor and the speakers were in the process of breaking down. It was also difficult to move the keyboard to the places for use because of its heavy weight and this made practising particularly difficult, eating into valuable rehearsal time.

The members had continued the high standard of singing and music despite the dated equipment but it was obvious that an updated and portable piece of equipment for singing and music was required.

Karen Carne, Musical Director/Committee Member commented “to date, the difference has been felt by the members of the Society who are currently in rehearsals for the February Pantomime, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. The children and adults who have been rehearsing with the new keyboard have noticed a huge difference, especially when the new keyboard’s accompanying rhythms have been introduced. The children were particularly vocal with expressions of ‘Wow!’ and ‘This is amazing!’ thus enhancing the practice and singing. With the introduction of a new, more modern piece of equipment comes a new enthusiasm for singing and performance, the benefits of which will be felt and heard by the local community in our performance in February and for many years to come”.


The China Clay Fund has four funding rounds a year, the dates for 2018 are;

Deadline: 17th May 2018

Panel: 21st June 2018


Deadline: 9th August 2018

Panel: 13th September 2018


Deadlie: 1st November 2018

Panel: 6th December 2018

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