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Deborah Hinton OBE

Deborah has spent a lifetime working in the voluntary and the statutory sectors, as a board member, trustee, employee, and volunteer at national and local levels. She has worked for organisations covering special needs housing, ex-offenders, children, health, mental illness, death and bereavement, single parents, criminal justice, alcoholism and the environment. Statutory appointments include a three-year appointment to the National Parole Board; Justice of the Peace; Member of the Board of a Regional Health Authority. In 1994 she was awarded an OBE for ‘services to the community’.

Deborah is Cornish by descent, (nee Vivian); leaving Cornwall at the age of 3 she returned after the death of her husband in 1997, since returning she has worked as a consultant for the Eden Project, is the grants assessor in Cornwall for the Henry Smith Foundation and is involved in a number of local charities.