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East Langford Solar Farm Fund

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The East Langford Solar Farm Fund supports community projects in the areas of Kilkhampton, Launcells and Morwenstow. Projects with an educational element or awareness of reducing their carbon footprint may be given priority.

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Awards range from £250 to £5,000 higher awards can be made at the panel's discretion.

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Upper Tamar Lakes Sailing Club

Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club offers free training sessions and free sailing sessions. Their projects covers a number of aspects including encouraging youth sailors, safety on the water, security of the club and club members’ equipment and club promotion.

The Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club received two awards from the East Langford Solar Farm Fund. Firstly the fund invested £5,000 towards a CCTV security system, storage and racking for sails amongst other items the Club required.   

John Buckett, Rear-Commodore commented, “the secure sail storage tubes constructed using funding from the grant has been extremely valuable for the club.  The shed which has been made available to us for storage of club equipment is not rodent proof and in the past, sails for club boats which have been stored here have been severely damaged by rats or mice.  Since the storage tubes have been in use, this no longer happens and the tubes have therefore been a major benefit to the club”.

The East Langford Solar Farm Fund continued to invest in the Upper Tamar lake Sailing Club due to the important facilities they offer to the local community. The recent award of £4,000 was towards TYA safety boat courses for their volunteers and the cost of refurbishing a Bosum dinghy.

Roger Heasman the club’s Commodore, commented, “it cannot be overstated how much benefit the grant has brought to Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club in developing the club forward. In turn this offers more and more opportunities to the local community to become involved in a family sport activity that helps develop and maintain their health, wellbeing, enjoyment, sense of participation and a sense of community”.

The next East Langford Solar Community Fund round is:

Deadline: 16/03/2018

Panel: 20/04/2018

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