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Fondyans Kemeneth Kernow

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Fondyans Kemeneth Kernow (The Cornwall Community Foundation) a weres dhe gemenethow yn Kernow ha Syllan dre ri grontow byghan dhe gowethasow gwerinek, voward ha ledys gans bodhogyon, neb usi ow kul effeyth posedhek y’ga arlotteth, ow kweres fetha an chalenjys ma a anles, ekskludyans ha boghosogneth rag tus a bub oos.

Y’n vledhen 1999 bagas a skoodhyoryon a selyas an Trest Anserghek Kernow (The Cornwall Independent Trust), wosa aswon an edhom a ri lev dhe’n dus y’n gemeneth esa ow pewa yn-dann strivya, ha fondya fenten anserghek a arghasans rag omweres yn Kernow ha Syllan.  Y’n vledhen 2003 an Arghas eth ha bos Fondyans Kemeneth Kernow (FKK), ow pesya gans an ober ma ha skoodhya ober dhe wellhe adhyskans, yeghes – ha korfek ha brysel; ha’n difres a voghosogneth ha kleves.  FKK re ros £5.5m dhe’n gemeneth dres an 10 bledhen kyns, moy ages 2000 ragdres leel re dhegemeras les yn Kernow hag Enesek Syllan.

Avel fondyans, y’gan beus an konykter ha skians leel rag gweres riysi dhe skoodhya an kawsys leel hag alusennow yw a vri dhedha, may hallons gul effeyth strekys der aga donesonow.  Ni a aswon maters yw posek dh’agan riysi hag a-barth dhedha y ren grontow byghan dhe gowethasow gwerinek, voward ha ledys gans bodhogyon – ow kul dyffrans gwir dhe vewnansow tus a-hys Kernow.

Avel kowethas anserghek ni a wra fydhya war agas donesonow dh'agan arghasa ha ni a bes displegya, mentena ha kressya agan gallos dhe ri grontow, rag bagasow kemenethek hag unigynnow yn Kernow.


Alusen govskrifys on ni (1099977)

Kowethas finwethys dre vewgh on ni (4816191)


Together we’re stronger

The Cornwall Community Foundation helps communities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly by awarding small grants to grassroots, front line, volunteer led organisations who are making a positive impact in their area, helping to overcome these challenges of disadvantage, exclusion and poverty for all ages.

In 1999 a group of supporters set up the Cornwall Independent Trust, after identifying the need to give those struggling in the community a voice and to establish an independent source of funding of self-help within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. In 2003 the Fund became the Cornwall Community Foundation continuing this work and supporting work to improve education, health - both physical and mental; and the relief of poverty and sickness. CCF has awarded £5.5m to the community over the last 10 years, over 2000 local projects have benefited in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

As a foundation, we have the expertise and local knowledge to help donors support the local causes and charities they care about, enabling them to make an impact through their giving. We identify issues of importance to our donors and award small grants to grassroots, front line, volunteer led organisations on their behalf  - making a real difference to people’s lives across Cornwall.

As an independent organization, we rely on your donations to fund us and continue to develop, maintain and grow our grant-making capacity for community groups and individuals in Cornwall.


We are a registered charity (1099977)

We are a company limited by guarantee (4816191)