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Goonhilly Wind Farm Community Fund

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Wind turbines have been generating renewable electricity at Goonhilly on the Lizard since 1993. In 2010 owner and operation REG Windpower completed a project to replace the 14 original machines with 6 modern turbines, more than trebling the clean energy output. The company strongly believes that local communities should benefit from hosting a wind farm. REG Windpower set up the Goonhilly Wind Farm Community Fund to support good causes local to the site every year of the wind farm's working life. More information about REG Windpower can be found here.

Grants range from £250 to £5,000 higher grants might be awarded at the panels discretion.


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Helston & The Lizard Foodbank

The Helston & The Lizard foodbank is hosted by the Mustard Seed (SW) who works to empower local communities to combat poverty and exclusion. They are working with people to overcome food poverty, and assisting them with their daily needs when required.

There has been a substantial increase in people on the Lizard Peninsular being assisted by the Foodbank (28 in 2012/2013 rising to 160 in 2013/14). It was felt that if food was to be made available in the outlying villages more people would receive help, especially those who are dependant on public transport. Often if you cannot afford to eat you cannot afford public transport.

The Goonhilly Wind Farm Community Fund invested £5,000 as a one off grant to support half of the Co-ordinator’s post for a year for the purpose of increasing donated food, distributors and the training of volunteers to befriend people in crisis, helping them out of poverty. Without a Co-ordinator they would be unable to sustain the work level and grow the number of voucher holders, donors and their contact with the people in crisis.  

Ruth Mcgurk commented “the grant enabled the provision of 1350 meals to 103 adults and 47 children. This year new depots have opened or are about to open in Mullion and St. Keverne. The project has succeeded not only in helping over 1000 people out of food poverty but has been able to give them access to direct help or signposting to other suitable agencies”.

Coverack Gig Club

The Gig Club promotes and teaches the sport of pilot gig rowing to all ages either for fun, keep fit, competitions, team building and social interaction. The Club aims to develop all members' skills      enabling them to improve and confidently progress onto competitive 'sea' rowing.

They received £1,500 towards a rowing machine, concept 2 model. The rowing machine is integral for continual training, however they only had one machine which meant coaches and club members were finding it difficult to provide consistent 'like for like' experiences for the younger, novice and less able members. A second machine has allowed easier access for the 25 junior rowers especially the younger  members who initially find rowing a challenging physical activity.

“The additional rowing machine has completely transformed our members training routines. The club can now provide a means of competitive training, both with paired rowing activities and by using the rowing machines as part of circuit training Activities.” Adam Hocking, Treasurer



The Goonhilly Fund has two funding rounds a year, the next dates are:

Deadline: 09/04/2018

Panel: 21/05/2018



Panel: 19/11/2018


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