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The Marhamchurch Village Hall receives C100 grant

15 May 2014


The Marhamchurch Village Hall received £3,000 funding from the Cornwall 100 Club towards roof repairs. Pamela Idelson, from Cornwall 100 Club member Trebarfoot Manor, visited the Village Hall and presented the cheque on 7 May 2014.

Pamela Idelson said “A great effort is being made to encourage a community spirit within the village. Losing the Post Office led to a closure of the village shop which they are trying to revive. Clearly this hall provides a focus. There was a good turn-out for the usual Wednesday coffee morning and Peter Jones took the trouble to show us around the building explaining the uses they had put to other grants. They were very pleased with the cheque for £3,000 which will make up the amount already raised to the £20,000 needed to re-slate and insulate the roof.”


Marhamchurch Village Hall is used by a diverse range of activities but focuses on the youth and elderly within the village and those that are isolated. The village has no amenities making the hall a vital asset to the village. It is in need of modernisation and substantial repairs to bring it to its full usage. The main project is to repair the roof to be able to invite and accommodate more user groups and individuals.

Geoff Turney, Chair of the Marhamchurch Village Hall Committee said “The funding was important to Marhamchurch Village Hall as the building was in urgent need of refurbishment to the roof and windows.  As the village has few common amenities it was vital that we bring the hall into wider use and make people comfortable while they are there. The hall is especially of value to the elderly, isolated and infirm as it provides a unique venue for them to socialise with others, form a network of support and thus improve their lives to a considerable degree. The venue is also widely used by many in the village as a meeting point, a social venue and a chance to interact with people whom they might not have otherwise had an opportunity of so doing.”