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Truro Foodbank receives support from the CCF

14 July 2014


Troubs Hunt, Trustee of the CCF delivered 25 internet dongles to Truro Foodbank. The CCF regularly supports the foodbanks of the county with grant awards, the unusual gifts were donated to the CCF by Vodafone. The internet dongles have 2GB data allowance for 30 days of use and could be useful for somebody looking for jobs.

Truro Foodbank fed 1,488 adults and 641 children in 2013, which is a 106% increase compared to the previous year. In the first six months of this year Truro Foodbank has served food to 1220 people, an increase of 23% over the same period last year. Children fed have risen as a proportion of the total from 29.5% to 32.9%, a worrying trend. During this period the foodbank has given out 14.07 tonnes of food (up by 34.5%). “Low Income” is now the commonest cause of crisis, affecting 435 customers (up 46.5%). “Benefit Delay” has affected 268 customers (down 7.9%), and “Benefit Change” 134 people in both periods (unchanged).

Troubs Hunt said "Nowadays we take for granted access to the internet but when people are struggling to make ends meet it is one expense that goes first. However, it is critical that people have access to the opportunity that the internet brings, both socially and for information on employment.  We cannot thank Vodaphone enough for their generosity."