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St Austell Community Kitchen

3 March 2015


STAK has been supporting the vulnerable and homeless people within their community for about 25 years. Initially this was serving soup from their mobile home to  homeless clients, after relocation to various buildings STAK started providing hot meals at an affordable price, and began working with a couple of like-minded groups within St Austell. STAK has received £500 from the Surviving Winter fund to assist more vulnerable people this winter.

STAK is now open 6 days per week, offering affordable lunch and teatime menus to vulnerable and socially isolated people, as well as offering courses, clubs and signposting.

STAK is seeing an increase in people accessing their services and they fear further future benefit changes, here are a few comments from their clients:

“If STAK did not provide a three course meal for £1.00, me and my family would either have to go without food or electricity”.

“I cannot even sign on as I cannot afford the £6.00 bus service”.

“I live with my son in social housing, a 3 bedroom flat.  I have been asking to be relocated to a 2 bedroom flat within the local area for years and now I will have to pay for the bedroom tax which I simply will not be able to afford”.

A volunteer asked if she was able to receive a food voucher because she has 4 children at home and the only food they have is celery soup.

These examples demonstrate the vital service that STAK delivers in St Austell.