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Business Club supports STAK in St Austell

24 November 2015


St Austell Community Kitchen received £2,995 from the business club of the CCF towards STAK+, a larger project addressing client's debt issues. C100 members David Brewer from Brewer & Bunny Ltd and George Carlton-Smith from Carlton Smith Private Wealth visited STAK. 

STAK provides support to those who have fallen victim to the effects of poverty, homelessness or find themselves in a vulnerable position. STAK+ offer services beyond the community kitchen at High Cross Street in St. Austell.

In February 2014 they launched a debt advice service designed to support people who are in some sort of debt and need help with money matters. A team of skilled volunteer debt counsellors, who have undertaken intense training, support clients of the service to work on budgeting, looking at how to maximise their income and reduce their expenditure and offer sustainable debt solutions. They run a free weekly debt advice service and an advice service on benefits, including support and form filling provided by volunteer advisors.

Kim Mathews from STAK said: “The grant from the Cornwall 100 Club will make a significant difference in the assistance we provide to the vulnerable and needy in the local area, helping to guide and support them through their previously unmanageable financial difficulties. This not only assists with the ongoing management of their economic health but also helps to alleviate the anxiety, stress and other mental health conditions that are often exacerbated by financial troubles.”

George Carlton-Smith said “St Austell Community Kitchen do a great job supporting the local community and are looking to expand their debt counselling services, It’s all too easy to sweep debt issues under the carpet causing small problems to become big ones. I was delighted that the C100 Grant Panel decided to support STAK in their efforts to address these issues head on.”