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CCF launches scheme for second home owners

19 May 2016

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The CCF launched its new scheme in London on the 11th of May. The Second Home Owners Scheme encourages people who love Cornwall to donate one week's rent per annum (or the equivalent if not rented) of a second home in Cornwall.

Alex Polizzi, broadcaster and hotelier, launched the scheme with a £5,000 donation and said “I want to ensure that I do my bit to support serious local causes, and in these straightened financial times, with councils ever more stretched, we cannot expect local government to cover all the bases.”

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William Shawcross, Chariman of the Charity Comission for England and Wales, said “Nearly half of all charities are tiny, with budgets of less than £10,000. Kitchen table charities one can call them. These are perhaps the most precious of all because they represent the philanthropy of individuals. Community Foundations and the CCF are exactly what charities should be, supporting these small, local, front-line organisations.”

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is the poorest county in England with higher than average levels of poverty and yet Cornwall is the local authority where the greatest number of people recorded a second address. House prices are 10 times the average earnings in Cornwall, nearly double compared to the national average. The new scheme gives the opportunity to second home owners to help the CCF in sustaining thriving communities in Cornwall. The CCF has invested over £6m into Cornish communities since 2003 reaching out to the most vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged people.

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Oliver Baines, Chief Executive of the CCF, said “The great thing about the Second Home Owner Scheme that we can now help to provide sustainable homes for local people through a partnership we’re discussing with the Cornwall Community Land Trust.”                                          

130 guests showed their support at the event hosted at Two Temple Place. Exceptional food was prepared and served by the apprentices from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall - many of whom had never been to London before. The event was kindly supported by Savills Estate Agents, Tregothnan Estates, Healey’s Cornish Cider Farm, Camel Valley, Cornish Natural Spring Water, The Nare and The Scarlet.

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