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Mentors wanted!

2 September 2016

Country Pumpkin - Cornwall.jpg

Here at Cornwall Fredericks we’ve been busy loaning out to some great new businesses over the last few months.  We’ve helped start-ups with ideas as different as an out of hours delivery service to a music download producer. 

Most of our start-ups have been struggling to get the banks to support them and so come to us for that much needed helping hand of a loan to buy essential equipment or get a website up and running.  Once the excitement of getting going with the new business and seeing their dreams start to become a reality is past, the hard work really kicks in.  This is the point where a mentor can really make a difference.  Cornwall has a thriving and diverse business community and we’d like to tap into some of the vast knowledge that’s out there to help our start-ups succeed in today’s competitive market.  A monthly meeting either face-to face or over the phone can make a big difference to a new business.  The chance to talk problems and issues over and to share knowledge is invaluable in those early days.  Our current mentors find the experience both challenging and rewarding and enjoy the opportunity to make a positive difference to their chosen mentees.  However, as our client portfolio grows we need more mentors. So, if you have experience of running a business and/or working at a senior level with knowledge of sales, finance or marketing and would like to help a fledgling  start-up or entrepreneur get going on their journey, then please get in touch – Cornwall’s businesses of the future need you!  Email or call the Fredericks Foundation’s Cornwall client manager Rebecca Bettin for more information or to get involved at Rebecca.bettin@fredericksfoundation.org or 07809302062.

Fredericks Cornwall, the local arm of Fredericks Foundation, works in partnership with the Cornwall Community Foundation.

Photos: Gavin Morgan and Simon Banham run Country Pumpkin, an up-cycled furniture and paint shop, both online and at Sterts Theatre, Upton Cross. We loaned to them last summer and they’re going very well.

Country Pumpkin 2 - Cornwall.jpg