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Latest News


The CCF are proud to be working in partnership with the following organisations


The CCF and Fredericks Cornwall are working in partnership to harness each other’s strengths. With the benefit of RGF funding we are using our fundraising expertise to generate capital for Fredericks to then lend to people within Cornwall so that they may start up or grow their businesses.

If you are having difficulty raising finance through conventional sources please go to Fredericks website at www.fredericksfoundation.org/cornwall to find out more.

If you wish support the initiative please contact us on 01566 779333. We will be happy to discuss any opportunities with you.


In a special partnership with Crowdfunder the CCF is offering match funding to Crowdfunder projects. Grants of up to £1,000 can be pledged to projects that benefit the community and will be added to the crowdfunding campaigns the community groups are running. The project owner must first meet their crowdfunding target to be entitled to the match funding.

To crowdfund a project the project owner launches their campaign on Crowdfunder.co.uk where they ask for a set target of money, they then offer a number of rewards in return for pledges, these are more often than not products or services. The project owner then promotes their project to get people to pledge from as little as £1.

Crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing alternative methods of funding, with businesses, schools, community groups and individuals using the online platform to ask the crowd to support their projects.

Please find more information at Crowdfunder and email support@crowdfunder.co.uk

The CCF and FEAST are working together to support innovative art projects in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The new partnership will hopefully see more money released for innovative art projects bringing real benefits to communities. The partnership brings a greater diversity to our portfolio of projects and the ways in which we can support the communities across the Duchy.

FEAST Director Rose Barnecut said "FEAST aims to make great art happen across Cornwall by putting artists and communities together.  We want to reach everyone, including those most isolated, and use cultural activity as a social glue which brings communities together in a shared adventure.  We know that lives are changed when people have the confidence to enjoy their own creativity. So we are delighted to be working with Cornwall Community Foundation to extend these opportunities and increase the number of projects we mutually support.  FEAST and Cornwall Community Foundation share the same ultimate goals, so it is great that in partnership we are able to offer more to Cornwall."

Projects selected for the FEAST/ CCF partnership funding will not get more money – a proportion of the grant will be paid by FEAST and a proportion by CCF – but they are more likely to be successful in the first place. What this does mean is that the FEAST grant pot can go further and support more projects.

Please apply to FEAST for the amount you need, (for Open Smaller Grants and Festival Enhancement Grants the top limit is still £1,000).  FEAST will filter the projects and will forward likely projects to the CCF for consideration and the applications will then come back to the FEAST panels for a final decision.

Please find more information and apply for the grants at feastcornwall.org/about-feast/cornwall-community-foundation-partnership/


The Cornwall Community Foundation deliver development work on behalf of People’s Health Trust in support of their Active Communities funding programme within Cornwall.