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Penwith and the Isles of Scilly Area Fund


This fund supports community projects in the old borough of Penwith including the Isles of Scilly that:

Examples of eligible projects could include refuge centres, soup kitchens and foodbanks.

Awards range from from £250 to £1,000


Case Studies

Funding Dates

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Kowetha provides fun activities for BME and dual heritage backgrounds  

Kowetha is a positive, fun and racially diverse community group designed to support children and families of BME and dual heritage background. There are comparatively few families and children from these backgrounds in this part of the country, and so there is a need for a group where parents and children can meet and spend time together.

Kowetha offers a preventative measure in supporting good self-esteem for children who grow up as a racial minority in a predominantly white area. Meeting regularly in an informal and fun environment helps to equip children to feel confident about their skin colour and identity. It also provides an opportunity for parents to connect and share experiences and ideas, through an informal support forum.

They received nearly £1,000 towards activity sessions for the children and books for a library corner featuring ethnic minority characters.

Ginnie Odetayo, Treasurer of Kowetha commented “Kowetha has grown in terms of its recognition in the wider community (following publication of our handbook and development of our website), its leadership and the number of families on the mailing list. At least one new family attends each of the sessions. The children have really enjoyed the sessions”.

Whole Again Communities cook up a storm

We are very pleased to have supported Whole Again Communities (WAC) who brings people together for the purpose of soup making. By learning how to make soup people learn how to live and succeed on a shoestring budget as well as have a healthier diet.

The Penwith and IOS Community Fund invested £2,000 in WAC to enable them to trial and evaluate the need for the establishment of a soup kitchen at the Treneere Estate’s community space on the same day as the local Foodbank operates. By doing this they were able to hold community workshops as well as distributing the soup made at the workshops to the people accessing the Foodbank for free. The Foodbank beneficiaries and people in need were also offered recipe cards to enable them to make their own soup at home.

A beneficiary of the workshop commented "Being involved with Whole Again Communities has given me an opportunity to be involved in a worthy community centred initiative with a view to becoming fully employed within the community as it grows. Before I got involved with WAC I had a period of ill health which meant I could not get out as much nor go to work. Since joining I have made new friends learned new skills in the kitchen as well as developing my managerial skills. Without this project I would still feel isolated after illness."

Over 50 people benefited from the workshops and many went on the path to training including Food Safety. A number of the beneficiaries are now volunteers helping run the soup making workshops and a few have become volunteers selling soup at pop up events.

The success of the Treneer Soup Kitchen workshops and the popularity of the workshops has made it necessary to relocate to larger premises. They intend to continue to provide soup, social and self-care workshops through partnership with Working Links and others for the isolates, unemployed and underprivileged in Penzance and surrounding areas. They will also continue to develop and group their ‘Flask Soup Friday’ deliveries and pop up events with their growing band of volunteers, helping them to progress towards self-sufficiency and employment, whilst also aiming in the longer term to make WAC sustainable.

The Penwith and IOS Fund has four funding rounds a year, the dates for 2018 are:

Deadline: 17th May 2018

Panel: 21st June 2018


Deadline: 9th August 2018

Panel: 13th September 2018


Deadlie: 1st November 2018

Panel: 6th December 2018

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