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The Lord St Levan Fund


The Lord St Levan Fund is aimed at community groups supporting projects that relieve hardship, poverty and crisis intervention in Cornwall. A small proportion would be payable for cultural and musical purposes.

Grants range from £250 to £5,000

*** This fund is currently closed ****

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Transformation CPR

Transformation CPR is a registered charity organised and run by local churches overseeing and developing social care projects in the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area in partnership with other agencies. CPR Foodbank came into existence in 2010 to help those affected by the economic downturn. The charity Transformation CPR now oversees CPR Foodbank.

From meeting the immediate needs of people coming through the doors of the Foodbank, they wanted an addition to try and address the causes of those needs. People access the Foodbank because they are unable to feed themselves and their families. Food addresses that need short term however the circumstances people find themselves in are not addressed. Simply put, they are putting a sticking plaster on the injury while ignoring the root cause. Offering Foodbank Plus gives the opportunity to access a whole range of support services in a safe environment.

The Lord St levan Fund invested £5,000 to Transformation CPR to appoint an administrator to manage the different strands of Foodbank Plus and apply for funding to ensure sustainability to this much needed service.

They commented "It is increasingly difficult to find funding for ongoing core cost such as salaries and to receive the grant from the Lord and Lady St. Levan fund meant that the charity could concentrate on what it does - to empower users to gain self-respect and self-confidence and to take control of their lives".

The Lord St Levan Fund has four funding rounds a year, the dates for 2018 are;

Deadline: 15th February 2018

Panel: 23rd  March 2018


Deadline: 17th May 2018

Panel: 21st June 2018


Deadline: 9th August 2018

Panel: 13th September 2018


Deadlie: 1st November 2018

Panel: 6th December 2018

We will endeavour to review applications up to £1,000 on a monthly basis.

Download generic guidelines

Apply online using the link below. You can return to your online application form as many times as is needed, and save it as you go along. The online application link can also be shared with colleagues, or other parties, if more than one person needs to contribute to the application.

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> Requests up to £1,000

> Requests over £1,000