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Trenouth Solar Farm Fund

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This fund supports community projects in the areas of St Ervan, St Issey, St Eval and St Merryn. Projects with an educational element or awareness of reducing their carbon footprint may be given priority.

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Awards range from £250 to £2,500. Higher awards can be made at the panel's discretion.

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St Eval Pre-School

St Eval Pre-School Playgroup received £976.00 from the Trenouth Solar Farm Community Benefit Fund in June 2015, towards building a five-sided outside wooden classroom.

The pre-school was at capacity which meant there was no available space within the pre-school to do small group work. They were doing group work in the classrooms, but it was not always easy to hold the children's attention whilst others were playing. They hoped by taking the children outside to a purpose built classroom they would be able to do some focused activities in small groups without the distraction of others. The outside classroom would also provide shade to protect the children in the summer or the wind in the winter. 

Alison Rundle, Administrator for the group, commented; "It has been a great success - the children and the staff have loved using it. It enables the school to teach the Understanding the World module of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) referencing the outdoors, and will be used all the year round in combination with the mud kitchen, sensory garden, climbing wall and sandpit already installed."

St Issey Village Hall Bowls Club

St Issey Village Hall Bowls Club was awarded £2,778.00 from the Trenouth Solar Farm Community Fund towards new equipment.

The grant enabled the club to buy new two short bowls mats, a vacuum cleaner, a set of short mat fenders, two sets of pro bowls, 4 jacks and 6 heavy duty foot mats. Part of the grant was also used to contribute to the rental cost of the hall. With this new equipment new members have been encouraged to join the club and the experience of playing with the new equipment is more satisfactory for everyone.  The Club needs a minimum number of paying members to stay viable, and the new playing equipment has meant that enough new members have joined to ensure its survival. The experience of playing with new up to date equipment has also improved the game for the members.

Committee Member, Michael Simpson, commented; "It is good to have new equipment rather than the somewhat tired and worn equipment previously used. We have also attracted some new members. In addition all our members enjoy their bowling evenings which are also very pleasant social occasions. The Club is now more sustainable."

The Trenouth Solar Farm Fund has four funding rounds a year, the dates for 2018 are;

Deadline: 17th May 2018

Panel: 21st June 2018


Deadline: 9th August 2018

Panel: 13th September 2018


Deadlie: 1st November 2018

Panel: 6th December 2018

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